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Reinventing use cases in distributed ledger technology.

This site is a consolidation of everything that is  PYRA:  Brokered Barter Exchange, The MSB, DAmbassadors, Custody Service, and more...

Easy to use, unhosted wallets, backup account for B2B.

PYRA tokens are included with monthly memberships!

Private & Secure

Key Features

P2P / B2B

The PYRA App is a no-download custom calculator with a function to email your barter exchange receipts.

Crypto and Credit Cards

PYRA tokens are included with memberships and can be purchased with crypto at the MSB 

Private & Secure

We do not operate like a social media site where your information can be shared or sold.  We operate under the Bank Secrecy Act and use blockchain technology for transactions.  Privacy and Security are built right into our operation by code and LAW.  Some say, "Code Is Law."

Sign up at the MSB with full KYC checks, this is a one time process to verify your identity.


Do some practice transactions simulating real-world transactions.

Explore PYRA App


Start a membership, tokens are allocated to your wallet on file.  Purchase with crypto at the MSB through our private chat account.



Get Started in Three Steps

Join the barter network today

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